B. Tychonick 1957 This car has a 261-6 cylinder engine, 2bbl carb and 3sp manual transmission with overdrive and 15" chrome reverse wheels. The trailer is a 1970 Boler. 57Safari_boler-trailer    
  K. Brakefield 1960 I saved the 67 from being crushed by a farmer in Saskatchewan when I was 16. A nick name stuck from then on as "Knee High", since if it wasn't rescued it was to be that tall the next day. The original 327 was run on diesel in a oversight by the previous owners in an attempt to liberate fuel at a better price. Swapped that 327 for a 350 and used Knee High all through high school. Then it was parked as I was off working in Vancouver. In 2010 it was decided there was too much good car left to let nature reclaim it and was restored and reunited with its numbers matching 327 (rebuilt) and I drove it out to Calgary. A special thanks goes to my Dad and Uncle for all the work they put in on the restoration of "Knee High."    
    4 Dr. Hardtop  
    "Vista View"  
    2 Dr. Hardtop  
  J&L Bourrier 1960 I am the second owner of this 1960 Pontiac Strato-Chief. My Grandparents bought it brand new in August of 1960. I finished the restoration in 2014. It has a 261ci inline Strato-Six and a 2 speed Powerglide. Original mileage of 68,000. 1960    
Strato Chief
    4 Dr. Sedan  
  A. Farley 1962 I am the second owner of this car and have been working on it for the past year. 1962 Laurentian    
    2 Dr. Coupe  
T. Giffen 1963   1963 pontiac  
    4 Dr. Hardtop  
  G. Moman 1963 The car was originally purchased in Winnipeg in 1963, by a retired couple who was moving to Calgary. They decided to sell it in the early 70's when my dad purchased it. After he passed in 1980, I then purchased it from my mom. It is a survivor with 40,000 original miles on it although it has been stored for decades, it has been a labor of love reviving it. Some upgrades are a new radiator, hoses, wheels and tires, carb overhaul, pan gastket and HEI distributor. 1963    
    4 Dr. Hardtop  
  S. Reynolds 1965 I had one of these in high school and some 26 yrs later in 2004, I bought this one.  The overall condition was a disaster at best, but after a total restoration in 2006 it has been brought back to life.  It's now painted in white diamond pearl and the original 283-Powerglide set up has been replaced with a 350 and a 700R4. 1965 pontiac 1965 Custom  
    Custom Sport  
C. Muenchrath 1969 I bought my 1969 Beaumont Custom Sport Coupe in 1998 and had a fresh paint job done. The car is painted the correct Liberty blue color. It has the original 300hp 350 engine and M21 Muncie 4 speed, dark blue vinyl buckets and floor console. I like Beaumonts because they are a Canadian car which makes them a little more different and rare than a lot of cars. 69 Beau
69 Beau
69 beaumont  
  G. Paukert 1973 My first car was a brown 1973 LeMans, back in 1977. I lived in Washington in 1980 when Mt. St. Helens erupted and that LeMans ingested a lot of volcanic ash causing mechanical problems.
I loved that car and a few years ago it occurred to me to see if I can find a surviving 73 LeMans to fix up. In 2015, I spotted this olive green 73 with only 23,000 miles, for sale in the Chicago area.  I flew down to Chicago, bought it, and had a great experience driving it back to Alberta (in winter with the heater broken).  Eventually I will repaint it the same colour as my original 73' LeMans. I went to my first car show where I learned about the Alberta Iron Indians Club.
1973 Lemans 1973 Lemans2  
    2 Dr.