October 21, 2016
Hey folks,
I will be meeting with Bill from world of wheels this coming week on weds to discuss the WOW and fees for the show for a booth.
As per our meeting discussion at the beginning of Oct. The 2 ideas moving forward for a booth theme is the following:
Time Machine covering 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's and 2000's vehicles: American comparison to Canadian cars. As per discussion I am still open to ideas to be brought forth from any members. I AM HOPING that Kelly will have some good news for us for a venue to host a build at for the theme. We are looking for club members to commit to the build. If you would like to participate please come forth. Lots of effort we will get results.
This is a "club participation" event and we have been very successful in past years as the fun club so let's keep this going folks.
Contact Stew Smith
August 3, 2016
On Wednesday August 17th, 2016, we will be having a Celebration of Life at the Braeside Community Hall. If you would like to join us, there will be a service at 1pm with coffee and snacks to follow. We ask that no black be worn. In lieu of flowers we ask that donations be made in Terry's name to the Libin Cardiovascular Institution of Alberta (Libin.ucalgary.ca)
We would like to thank everyone for their condolences and continued support, we are all together at home.
The Giffen Girls

Braeside Hall Address:
11024 Braeside Drive SW Calgary AB
**There is a parking lot and street parking available.
July 23, 2016
Hello Members of the Alberta Iron Indians. It is with a very, very Heavy Heart that I have to inform you that our Brother and Friend Terry Giffen passed away today. It is my understanding that Terry suffered a heart attack while vacationing in B.C. I have no further details at this time, but will do my best to keep all informed.
Bill Hunter
Alberta Iron Indians Pontiac Club
July 4, 2016
The Alberta Iron Indians are going to try out a new meeting venue. As our club continues to grow, we have reached the point where we need to expand our monthly meeting facility. Some members have stopped attending due to the lack of space, others have stopped bringing wives or guests. Ours is a "Social Car Club" where enjoying cars and meeting like minded friends is the reasons all of us attend. The Royal Canadian Legion #285. Located at 9202 Horton Rd. SW, specifically between Heritage Drive and Southland Drive.
Unfortunately we can not get the first Wednesday of the month, or any other Wednesday for that matter. But we can have the first Tuesday of the month. We think this will be a good acid test to see if the Legion will work for our club before the official Fall meetings resume. We look forward to your feed back so Please attend.
When you arrive, Please park around the rear of the building and enter through the rear automatic doors. The parking lot is very secure, so bring out your Pontiacs.The doors will be unlocked from 5PM to 9PM. If you are not a Legion member, Please sign the guest book on the table. We will be meeting in the main dining room just past the bar and to the left. Please order your drinks and food at the counter/bar. They will call your number to pick up your food. Cash only I think. Not quite the service of a restaurant but the food is great and you can't beat the prices! The kitchen usually closes around 7 so don't be late!
Please bring your significant other and guests as we will have more than enough room for all. We have set up tables for 50-60 but can expand to 100+ if needed.
Let's all give this a try and support our veterans by supporting the Legion.
See you there on July 5th. This coming Tuesday!!
Bill Rathgeber

PS remember…….. that hats are not allowed, unless you mean to buy a round for the house!
This is a double header week for club activities, meeting & Cruise. Info on our next Cruise tomorrow.
June 8, 2016
Marv's Soda Shop For Sale:
After 6 months of soul searching I have decided to try to find a replacement Marv. I have had 16 wonderful years in this business but find I am getting old enough to enjoy golf so have decided to start the search for the right person/persons to take the restaurant over. Someone with a passion for the 50's and a dedication to the preservation of that time period and a little younger than I with some new ideas. There is a lot of untapped potential here and someone with computer savvy could do much more with the business. More on that on my web site www.marvsclassicsodashop.com I am not in a hurry to sell so it has to be the right ownership. In the meantime I will rock on and enjoy whatever comes my way.
Read the local news paper story here
June 8, 2016
Hello to All;
On Sunday, we had our second “Cruise Mtg.” of the season, and it was GREAT!! Thanks to members Bill Cole and Warren Rogalsky, who organized the event, very well done guys. We started off the day meeting at Co-Op in Shaughnessy, with a departure of 10:00AM. (Many members even arrived before Warren!!)
We had about a dozen cruisers, and were joined by 3 more along the route to NANTON and the AIR MUSEUM. For anybody who has driven by this place, and thought “maybe I should stop in there one day” (like me), let me just say: You really should!! Wow! What a great place, the artifacts, aircraft and stories about Canadians and Aircraft during “the war” are a real eye opener, and I know I for one will be back. We also had a chance to see the “Miniature Museum” (I did not was visiting some friends, meeting their GRANDKIDS…), but I heard it was great as well. Then, we had a CHARITY “beef on a bun” lunch, all proceeds to FORT MAC. People still helping out this great cause!! And then, some even stopped for an ice cream too, before a nice cruise back to Calgary. All on a beautiful day to boot….its what its all about folks!! Really, it is.
Thanks again to Warren and Bill.
We have a few more irons in the fire for JULY and August events, with a Kananaskis BBQ Cruise rumoured before the season is over….stay tuned
Best Regards;
Bill Hunter
June 7, 2016
Hello All;
As you may have heard, there is a new Car event happening this Sept. 30th -Oct 2nd at Spruce Meadows. This event will feature the Okotoks Collector Car Auction, as well as a Car Show and Swap Meet! (my understanding is that all events will be held INDOORS with, plenty of room to grow!! Jeff Hill made the announcement at the Okotoks Auction just over a week ago. Jeff has asked to meet with the Alberta Iron Indians executive committee to discuss this new event, and also for our input. I believe this has the potential to become the premiere Car event in Western Canada, and am very happy that the Alberta Iron Indians have been invited to participate. Stay tuned for more, I think this will be a lot of fun!!
May 16, 2016
Today we had our FIRST Cruise Meeting for 2016, and it was a great day for a cruise. We met at the Shaughnessy Co-op, as scheduled, left for High River as scheduled, and arrived at the Race Track to see the new High River Tractor Museum as scheduled. This place is something we should all see, and I am sure we will be here again. What a great place: imagine, you can let the kids, or grandkids, sit on the tractors and trucks, pick up and try an figure out the tools. And there is more to come. The old Eamons Garage is on site and will be put on its foundation next week. The Model T Speedster races are set for June 18th, and the Lawn Mower races are set for later this summer. Keep an eye on this place, its gonna be fun.
Lunch was at The Hitchin’ Post as planned, and it was as good as last time, the sun was shining, although the wind had a chill. Then, Dick Graham led a group from High River to Long View through his old stompin grounds…beautiful run through a beautiful part of Alberta. Then, off to Black Diamond with a stop at Marv’s for ice cream, of course, then a nice cruise home. Perfect. Except for one thing: We didn’t have time for much or a meeting, so updates will follow separately re: Our Show, Our Next Cruise Meeting etc.
There is one thing I want to add to this report though. A week ago Friday, there was a special Friday night cruise in support of FORT MCMURRAY/Red Cross, at The Junction A & W. It was a great nite for a cruise, and a total of $2957 was raised for the cause, matched $ by $ by the Provincial and Federal Gov’ts. AIIPC member Bob Doucette went above and beyond, matching the evenings 50/50 proceeds to the tune of $770 out of his own pocket! Well done Bob! Two other AIIPC members put together a last minute raffle of donated goods selling $405 worth of tickets, all proceeds to the Red Cross. I made an “on the spot executive decision” on behalf of the AIIPC & with Brian Tyconich’s approval, to match the $405 dollars raised in this raffle. I have heard that some people in the club have a problem with this, as it was done without approval of the Club. I understand that, and I can only ask for understanding regarding this. It was not done to benefit anybody but the people of Fort McMurray.
I take full responsibility for the decision. If the Club membership so decides, I will step down as President.
I will say however, that I was VERY PROUD of the part the AIIPC played in showing such great support for the people of Fort McMurray!