Club Apparel

Represent your club by buying some merch! Lots of great styles and colours to choose from.

Here is Stew wearing one of our T-Shirts with the club logo on the front.

Richard is wearing a Coal Harbour Easy Care Shirt, style D610


Jacket and shirts from Sue’s collection

Members can contact Shianne at Big Mountain Active Wear as they have our logo on file.

  • to see what selection they have – styles, items, pricing.  She may have sale items that are suitable. 
  • Or bring their own item to have a logo put on.  Several people have brought their favourite item in.  
  • Each member pays for what they order.  (There was much discussion about carrying and inventory, and the logistics of doing that.) 

Big Mountain Active Wear Inc
11, 1916B – 30 Ave NE
Calgary, AB T2E 7B2